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Iron Movement > Uncategorized > The Best Yoga Poses To Relieve Anxiety
August 3rd, 2016

The Best Yoga Poses To Relieve Anxiety

We know the daily grind can be somewhat exhausting. The responsibilities of everyday life, as well as the unexpected lows, can pack on some unwanted tension to your mind and body.

However, we have a solution. It’s well known that yoga is the quintessential art form when it comes to slowing down and relaxing. Here are 4 yoga poses for you to try at home or whenever you feel like you’re in need of de-stressing.

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1. Downward Dog

A stretching and strengthening pose, downward dog provides balance for the mind and body. It strengthens the arms and shoulders while stretching the hamstrings and lower back. The inversion encourages blood flow to the brain and extremities, which is simultaneously energising and calming for the body.



From a table top position on all fours, send your hips back and up towards the sky, pushing away with your hands and grounding them into the mat, try and send your biceps behind your ears. Your hamstrings may be tight in this pose, so be sure to bend your knees, this will help flatten your lower back.


2. Legs Up The Wall

This inversion reverses the pssure systems in your body, renewing the blood flow and eases any fatigue in the legs and lower back.



With your sitting bones against the wall, extends your legs so the back of your thighs are resting against it and fully relax into the pose. You can use a block under your lower back to really release tension in the hips. For a more intense variation, try shoulder stand, using a block or your hands to support your lower back.


3. Bridge Pose

Stretching the muscles, back and hips, bridge pose extends the spine, stimulating the movement of spinal fluids, which in turn energises the blood flow.



Laying on your back with knees bent and hip width apart, feet flat on the floor and arms extended by your side, drive the hips up towards the ceiling, pssing firmly into the ground with your heels and arms. Stay for 3-5 breathes then slowly lower to the ground, repeat as necessary.


4. Child’s Pose

Child’s pose is as easy as it gets, and is also one of the most effective.By using any breathing technique, like slow, deep conscious breaths, you will calm your mind and feel your body start to relax.



Knees wide, sitting back on your heels with your arms stretched out and your forehead on the mat, this relaxed and non-engaging pose lets you focus on your breathing.


Thanks for reading! We hope these exercises de-stress you. Comment on our Facebook page and let us know how you go with them! Make sure to check out our quality activewear apparel HERE

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