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Iron Movement > Fashion > Best Gymwear Apparel Under $80 Dollars
July 29th, 2016

Best Gymwear Apparel Under $80 Dollars

When you workout every day, gymwear apparel can get as repetitive as your fitness routine. And there’s nothing like working it out on the treadmill or weights section in uninspiring gymwear apparel to kill the last traces of your motivation.

If you’re looking to update your workout wardrobe without breaking the bank, check out our best selling gymwear apparel in the following snaps that are on our Iron_Movement Instagram, and go follow us on there if you haven’t already!

You can also check out our full range of high quality gymwear apparel here.

1. BGB Full Length Leggings

Rihanna understands the power of BGB, so does Yonce’, Kim and maybe even Kanye. Do you? These full length leggings have Baby-Got-Back panelling, which acts like an Insta filter for your booty, flattering and defining your derriere. This style comes in two-tone grey or basic black. We’ve kept it simple because we know you draw attention when you’re little in the middle but you got much back.

Fabric features – Moisture-wicking fabric with excellent stretch and recover

You can buy the BGB Full Length Leggings here.


2. Drop Sleeve Hoody Vest

❗️When beast mode is always on ❗️- Men's drop sleeve hoodies ????

A photo posted by Iron Movement (@iron_movement) on

There are naysayers in this world who think the drop sleeve hoody is impractical, nonsensical, silly even. But this one has many benefits – the drop sides give you more room for activities, the racer-back cut keeps the guns on show and the hood is great for when you’re out for a run and you see your ex. Genius.

Fabric – 100% fully-combed cotton jersey with excellent breathability and stretcha

You can buy the Drop Sleeve Hoody Vest here.


3. Mesh Racer Back Tank

@valentinatesta__ wearing our drop sleeve – mesh back single ?❤️

A photo posted by Iron Movement (@iron_movement) on

Gimme some of that deep shoulder action! With halter-style cut-outs, this high neck tank has all of the 90s vibes. A long tank of light-weight, stretchy material, you can knot it like Britney to show off your amazing abs or layer it like Buffy and slay in the fashion stakes.

Fabric features – Scoop hem, moisture-wicking fabric with excellent breathability and drape

You can buy the Mesh Racer Back Tank here.


4. Muscle Tank

Muscle tanks are like muscle cars. They make you go faster and you always look hotter in one with clean lines and a smooth body. With a classic grey/black colour combo, this tank will give you street cred for miles.

Fabric – 100% fully-combed cotton jersey with excellent breathability and stretch

You can buy the Muscle Tank here.


5. Racer Back Boxer Hoody

Boxer hoody ❤️ ❤️

A photo posted by Iron Movement (@iron_movement) on

Want to reach peak on the beautiful/terrifying scale? Get the Rhonda Rousey makeover with this racer back hoody. The sexy, sleeveless design gives you the million dollar baby look and the loose, cropped fit keeps your core warm while you jab, cross and uppercut any sucker that steps into your ring.

Fabric features – Soft touch modal cotton spandex with excellent stretch and drape

You can buy the Racer Back Boxer Hoody here.


6. Slim-Leg Track Pants

Iron Movement Product Launch at Phat Fridays, come down to @mscollinsmelb to be a part of the movement. #April22

A photo posted by Iron Movement (@iron_movement) on

The three best things about a slim-leg track pant: 1. When you wear them you feel like you’re in a Rocky training montage. 2. Your legs will never get caught in the chain of the exercise bike. 3. They’re not flared-leg track pants. Plus the breathable, cotton-based material means you can run up and down stairs all-day, without Sly’s sweat patches.

Fabric features – Classic cotton/polyester French terry with excellent breathability, drape and stretch

You can buy the Slim-Leg Track Pants here.

Thanks for checking out our best sellers! We put a lot of time and effort into sourcing the best materials and creating the cleanest designs in order to maintain our quality gymwear apparel status. It all pays off when we see customers love them. You can check out our full range of high quality gymwear apparel here.

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